Donate your food surplus
your way and support your community

What is Charity Bytes mean to you?

Charity Bytes helps food businesses create or recover value from otherwise wasted food by helping them manage their unsold inventory through food donations.


Build new relationships & strengthening existing connections.

Create open posts that are available to the entire Charity Bytes community, targeted to your local community. The platform will help you to strengthen your social connection with the surrounding community leaders, charities, and even non-for-profit groups.

Private and secure.

Create rapid and transparent donations on a secure platform. This is achieved through the use of Secure SSL encryption, meaning protecting your data is central to everything we do.



Capture surplus product information.

As an organisation select the category of food, expiry date, and quantity in just a few clicks. Include product delivery address and offer date.

Simple communications. Notifications of interest.

Create posts for the community through your portal, notify charities automatically through localised targeting or a distribution list to alert your existing network, or directly notify a single organization.


Real-time alerts.

Potential recipients are notified when surplus food is available through alerts via email, or in-app . Notifications are also sent when a user claims your posted food or your food post expires.

Be in the know, on the go.

Never miss an opportunity to stay updated on new posts, claims, or messages. We travel with you.

The Marketplace


Track Organisational Progress. Receive Insightful Reports.

Download your transaction history to track and upload for important financial, environmental, and social metrics on your accounting packages and dashboard. Receive a weekly, fortnight or monthly dashboard breakdowns containing metrics and also a running financial year dashboard.


Stay organised.

Get automated donation receipts of your completed gifting or financial donations that document necessary information for tax filings.

Impress your accountant.

Make it easy for your company’s accountant to file for enhanced tax deductions with all relevant documentation being stored on the system with accessibility & potential for accounting package enhancements.

Charity Bytes Accepted Donation - Given or Paid to Charity

Want to explore how to manage
your food surplus better?

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